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Ezel: episodul 15

21 iunie 2011 1 comentariu

Stiu, stiu, stiu !! Nu e frumos sa spun asta, dar am cam neglijat blogul. Daca spun ca timpul este vinovat de asta si actiunile in care m-am tot implicat, poate mi se mai iarta din pacate :-P . O sa continui sa fac postari, dar la o durata mai lunga de timp (nu atat de mare de la ultima publicare).

Ezel tocmai s-a terminat. In urma cu cateva ore, in Turcia s-a difuzat ultimul episod al sezonului doi si implicit al serialului. Multi vor fi dezamagiti de finalul ales de scenaristi, insa pe mine m-a incantat inspiratia, desi nu originala, una consecventa, care ma intriga si bucura in acealasi timp. Este adevarat ca nu am anticipat ideea care va fi pusa in scena: ne-au mintit frumos si nu s-au departat de surprizele cu care au obisnuit. Un final pe masura intregului produs: deranjant de sincer.

Saptamana aceasta urmeaza la KANAL D episodul 83, echivalentul episodului 54 difuzat de turci, ceea ce inseamna ca mai avem inca 17  episoade pana la final. Rabdarea este esentiala daca nu vrei sa distrugi farmecul de a te bucura de fiecare moment ce va urma. Pot sa va confirm ca desi au mai aparut personaje noi, altele ne vor parasi pana la deznodamantul serialului care ne-a cucerit.

P.S: In patru luni cat va mai dura difuzarea episoadelor din Ezel, o sa ajung la zi cu toate replicile selectate, si sper ca pana atunci sa fac rost de ele in limba romana :)


***”I didn’t do something to hurt you purposely! Believe it or not! I didn’t do anything to you not a single day, even in jail and in this face! In the other face or this one!”

*** “Do you know how many times I came to this door and stand by and watched you all! If it was anyone else he would have died! I lived! I stayed alive. Do you know why? So that one day all of this will be over and I will come home again. Either Omer or Ezel, no matter if they change my face!”

*** “If they rip and take this face out  times, they cannot take the inside my out mom!”

*** “Believe it or not, I will still find my way home…I will success the impossible. I will do what others cannot do, I will come back to my home I know that. Then you may get mad, let me come back then get mad at me.”

 *** “It is good time for killing, but it I snot enough for living.”

*** “While I was inside, I thought they used me, and everything they did forgot about it.But they haven’t forgotten. How I have stayed in the same place for the past years, after having all the money and freedom they are still in that place (time).”

*** “Ali regrets what he has done, Cengiz is still blaming Omer, and Eysan… Eysan still loves you…”

*** “If this man gets mad at you and does things, still stay by himself. This man doesn’t know anything beside loneliness. When he gets tight, he goes to the point. Never leave him alone! This man is scared the most from loneliness.”

*** “Don’t come closer! i will hurt your soul!”

*** “Sometimes he would have returned crying. You know they say it doesn’t suit a man crying, but that suited this man too!”

*** “One day she was Fatma, a poor little girl and one day she would be Eysan who was separated from her lover. Then one day she would be an innocent… an innocent you meet and fall in love with”

*** “Little girls are in love with their fathers, even if they force you to run from your dreams, but the most scary thing is running away from doing something to your loved ones.”

*** “Did you accept Omer’s child because of loving me?/ You loved him like your own child. When I learned it at first, I looked at him. Yes man, he is running like Omer. He is laughing like Omer. Omer was my best friend since age .We bought our first book together. I stole it from a store, but told him I bought it.but anyways. Now I am buying Can’s book, I didn’t see this child grow once but twice .I didn’t success at first, I sold my best friend and turned my back off on him and left. But look, he is laughing at me again. Again he is looking with his eyes, he will turn to me again “

 *** “Once, when I was young I always thought I would break everything I touch.”

*** “The questions that cannot be asked makes a man go crazy….”

*** “The difference between what you want and what you can do is like giving up on yourself…”

*** “Do you think its possible to find goodness for everyone ?In such game? Trying is needed.”

*** “What do you know about Omer?/ I know he loved you.  I know he proposed to you.I know he didn’t understand you. I know he wanted more than anything! I know he wanted more than more/ .You don’t know anything! I know that you don’t want anyone to love you! I know you played with everyone!”

*** “How far can you go Eysan? How far can you go to get what you want?/ Until the end!”

*** “My father, my father locked me in a room and threw the keys from up! No one can take me out from that room anymore! Do you want to save me very much? You cannot do it! Omer cant do it either?/  Ezel, If Omer was here now! If he has seen us like this. he would save me from you not from myself! Omer would have spitted on you not on me!”

*** “I didn’t love anyone! I don’t love anyone because I don’t have the right! “

*** “In the most darkness day, the most no remedy day ,if you are putting yourself in no where. The most unhappiness moment is not for you .It is for your children. If you are doing this to yourself while knowing it is a chance, no one is with no remedy…if its all for your children…even if all the doors are locked, someone’s heart is a trap in their own cage… no remedy, maybe remedy is right in front of you, but it is no remedy when there is no time finding him. Remedy is not something that needs to be hidden, the thing keeping you away is a life that is continuing outside The real no remedy is not letting you pass..”

*** “When we give the cassette how many years will these men will stay in jail?/ Years! The best will be years.”

*** “The real solution is not doing goodness for someone and poisoning someone else’s life…”

*** “Once while I was young ,I thought I would handle everything. But now I am old ,there is a big rock ahead of me and I have very little time. I have two children, one is gone for along time, but the other I have never seen. But I know, death is after him. I, I am Ramiz K. Even if I’m not always fine, but there is along life behind me. as with death there is two door, but there is only  way out.”

*** “Do you know what is it like to suffer for your own child?/ I know. I Had three sons. They died./ Why?/ Who ever you ask, they will tell you that I killed them/ You killed them?/ Yes, I killed them/  .You killed them?What kind of man are you?/ I, I am a man who would make his own blood dry.”

*** “The thing that has no solution is the fruit with poison. The best solution is asking yourself : did you do anything in your hand that was possible?….because the real solution is losing the chance you had!”

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Ezel: episodul 14

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***”My most beautiful day has three men. One is you, the other one is him and the third one is the other. The other two are my enemies…. but when it comes to you…. when it comes to you, you write and I read. Even if you are my enemy, I am still scared. What a disappointment, we have many days together. Yours, mine our beautiful days…when it comes to you, you are selling those days. “

***”Don’t forget :the sin is written on your  grave. Do whatever you do but it’s still a sin “

***”Do you know how I went through without Omer? I came here everyday sitting and crying. I did it this way. The child who Read more…

Ezel: episodul 13

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*** “While you were looking for sweets to get, I was sending devils with no shoes to his home!”

*** “There is one Ali who deserves to die and there is the other Ali uncle. This man did brotherhood to me. He didn’t just touch my soul, he did to my pride as well. There is one Ali uncle, I never told you about that Ali. There is one Ali uncle, but there is the other.”

*** “If I do, I will end up in jail./ You are already in jail, your strength keys are with me.”

*** “Tell me! Who ever I touch falls apart. Tell me that the revenge in my head is making everyone who I love apart from me!”

*** “No matter what you do, this man is not on our side. Why? Because there is blood on his hands, like Ali. I have seen man like him a lot. You have memorized everything but if you leave him alone he will not be like you, but like Ali.”

*** “All of us, in separate way run away from things we cannot reach to. This time we have hope. This time we will save it.”

*** “We didn’t get scared of anything. W Read more…

Ezel: episodul 12

24 martie 2011 1 comentariu


***“Once upon a time, there were two men. One of them did a very bad thing to the other. At the end both ended up alone. From those, one was good and one was bad. One poor, the other rich. One will live, the other will die. Who ever this story is, it will be this way.”

***“ The first day when they gave me you, I didn’t look… I said that  I don’t need to look, because this man has killed a soul. This man is moving his eyes, because he regrets. I said this man shot someone he loved very much. .I said this man will not  betray me, because this man is me…”

***“A man like me and you, either we shoot our own head or someone else. / I will not success the first one, if  I don’t do the second one.”

***“My soul is also left with one bullet., but I am not going to use it for Bahar, I wont use it to love her. That bullet  address is toward someone else.!”

***“Even if it is once in your live, you should ask yourself: What do I want? “

***“You want to play with humans. First your show you’re amazing and after you back off! You are not doing this only once, you are doing it continuously. First you hold hands and after you let humans walk away alone”

***“Once a upon a time, there were two men. Either other’s friend, each other’s enemy. One of them stabbed like a dagger to the other one night. That man one day, with the loneliness inside of him, swore to Read more…

EZEL: episodul 10

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*** “Fidelity is taking the soul of the one you love and letting it go. Fidelity is either running to someone or running from someone. Fidelity is being blind from loving. The thing you always run from it, sooner or later it will come to you. Before you swear think about it once more ,because what starts with fidelity, everything will end with betrayal.”

*** “Mr. Ali such man if they don’t want to be found they will do anything they can to do so./Dear Tefo, such man if they want to be found they will be found!”

*** “At this place where you see no significance, I see something that will stop it.”

*** “They are not happy because of me Sebnam. They are happy because they will be using me! But first they will feel sorry for each other.”

*** “Take this look out of your face. Go live for me too./ Aunt I am scared. Now I am not sure what to be scared of…”

*** “How would I say it? That I killed your son but watch your grandson well?/ What if one day you end up with no choice and had to tell? Beside isn’ t that what you’re scared of? Isn’t that the day you’re waiting for?”

*** “Your missing me. Read more…

EZEL: episodul 9

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Stiati ca initial pentru interpretarea personajului Ezel, fusese solicitata prezenta unui alt actor turc: Murat Han (foto stanga)? Acesta a fost nevoit sa renunte la interpretarea acestui personaj ca urmare  conflictelor de planificare orară.



***“If the place switches around what would happen?  What would they do to you? Now your rich, you have power, what can they do to you?/  In justice’s eyes, they are still innocent but I am the one who is in fault and in jail”

***“We are playing with fire here. Some proves needs to be in my hands so that I can blame them, but there is not.”

***“I always think that if I will fall asleep I won’t wake up tomorrow. Do you know what I would have done? Set up alarms, one in every half an hour. When I would wake up, I would have been very happy knowing I lived for another half  hour. I don’t want to set that clock anymore ……/ When you get tired don’t  give up, I will be your clock.”

***“You are wrong about me too….I am not like them, I am like you.”

***“They are bad, they are like snake! You don’t know how to be like them.”

***“Mart, you know in this world nothing will separate you from me including Eysan! Read more…

EZEL: episodul 8

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Sedef Avci, interpreta personajului Bahar din Ezel s-a născut la 22 ianuarie 1982 in Malatya Turcia. Este de profesie  model. Ea a castigat Elite Model Look Turcia în 1997 si a reprezentat Turcia la Miss Univers la competitia din 2001.In prezent, este căsătorită cu Kıvanç Kasabalı(actor). A devenit cunoscuta odata cu rolul din succesul “Menekse si Halil” (36 episoade 2007-2008).


***”A man travels through the colorfol world. There’s neither rich nor poor,there’s no atheist or believer. He does’t love not a single truth and doesn’t know any law. He is brave and sad. Who is this man in this colorfol world?

***”Leaving is not a pleasant thing, but do you know what is worse? Not knowing the reason.”

***”If she will be with me, her heart  breaks./ Why?/ Because you know how I said, before I was in love with someone./ Are you still in love with her?/ Not, the opposite. I hate her so much that if I hurt Bahar, its like I will hurt her./ are you aware of what scary thing you just said?

***”You have made me hang on to myself, but the pieces are not holing together anymore uncle./ If you don’t want to break then you don’t leave yourself like this.”

***”Why did they do it uncle? Why? nothing is fixing this suffer ….”

***”She kills me there and after  comes to make Read more…

Ezel: episodul 7

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Cansu Dere  s-a născut pe 14 octombrie 1980 in  Ankara si este o actrita de film turcesc şi model. Ea a absolvit Departamentul de Arheologie de la Universitatea din Istanbul.

A fost selectata  al doilea runner-up pentru Miss Turcia în 2000, si s-a calificat pentru a reprezenta Turcia la concursul Miss Univers, dar a fost împiedicata să ia parte de guvernul turc, deoarece concursul a avut loc în partea grecească din Nicosia.  Ea a apărut în spectacole de moda si reclame in Turcia. Debutul in televiziune este datat in 2003, intr-o serie pentru televiziune.


***“Those men…. what is the worse thing they did to me Kamil? Tell me./  They betrayed you./  Yes, but what is the worse?/  They put you in jail, they killed you./   This is what I was thinking too, I said they did the worse and now its my turn. But they have keeped the worse to the end: that woman! that woman she did bad thing to me .”

***“Look at this door very well Kamil, she will come through this door inside! With her own feet, plus she will come and leaves what she loves! Cengiz is not enough!  You know how she is hiding everything from  Bahar, she will betray her sister and come to this DOOR!”

***“You take their mind, their fate, but not Read more…

EZEL: episodul 6

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Serialul “Ezel” are la baza romanul “The Count of Monte Cristo”, insa se indeparteaza cu mult de subiectul romanului. Este adevarat ca asemanarile sunt doar in punctul de plecare, actiunea desfasurandu-se ulterior diferit. In prezent a ajuns la episodul 54 (episoadele difuzate in Romania sunt fragmentate-  doua episoade sunt aproximativ echivalentul unuia). Primul sezon numara 33 episoade, cel de-al doilea nefind inca finalizat, filmandu-se in continuare.

Printre locatiile preferate de producatori: Istanbul, Bafra (district in provincia Samsun -Turcia), partea nordica a Ciprului, Dubrovnik (oras din Croatia), Croatia.


***“Have you ever woken up in one morning and wanted the dreams you gave up once? I did, but I have forgotten, in every dream’s door a nightmare waits…”

***“Still I should not have brought her, lately I make sudden decisions…..sudden decisions are good, they come from the heart.”

***“What are you hiding from me? I will understand it/Isn’t enough what we have hidden Read more…

EZEL: episodul 5

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Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, interpretul personajului principal Ezel,  este cel mai tanar dintre cei trei copii  ai familiei Yıldız în satul BUMM în Bala, provincia Ankara. La vârsta de 12 ani, s-a mutat dinn oraşul natalpentru a-si urma studiile.  El a absolvit  matematică de la Universitatea Tehnică Yıldız.A atras atentia directorului Osman Sınav care l-a distribuit in serialul de televiziune Deli Yürek (Crazy Heart).Apoi, a jucat în Alacakaranlık (Dusk) . În 2005, a interpretat rolul principal în “Osman Sınav”  (Bitter Life), bazat pe filmul din 1962 cu acelaşi nume. El a urmat de roluri principale în filme de acţiune  “The Last otoman: Knockout Ali”  si “For love and honor” S-a întors în televiziune în 2009, cu seria Ezel şi, de asemenea, a jucat în filmul de acţiune (“Dragon Trap”)


***“Everyone wonders who you are.”

***“-What do you think they see when they look at you? /-Everyone, but everyone sees what they are looking in front of them.”

*** “That man Ezel changed him. He is alive now.For such man, someone can give their soul to him.”

*** “Life shows you two roads front of you.Then you pick one.If you had picked the other road what could have happened?”

***“-Sometimes people Read more…

EZEL: episodul 4

12 ianuarie 2011 Scrie un comentariu


Stiati ca interpreta     personajului Eysan din “Ezel”- Cansu Dere, este de profesie model?


***“Brother, I know this letter wont get to your hand. But you have to know something brother, you have to hear something..Me, Mart. I have a brother Omer!, he will always be my brother.I will always  be his brother ! Brother I know I wont see you again.But I will never forget you!”

***“-What do you think Cengiz? You think we will never pay back?/ -Your already making all of us pay back for that one thing…” Read more…

EZEL: episodul 3

10 ianuarie 2011 Scrie un comentariu

Ezel a inceput prin a fi urmarit fara intentia de a continua. Se dorea a fi vizionat pe parcursul unei seri. Iata ca am ajuns sa fiu la zi.

Actorii sunt convingatori, recunosc ca nu imi sunt cunoscuti in vreun film de pana acum, insa daca m-au determinat sa ma intorc la ei saptamanal, rolurile sunt convingatoare si de esenta.

In timpul sezonului doi unele personaje vor iesi din distributia obisnuita, iar altele noi vor schimba cursul multor evenimente.

Personajele sunt interpretate de:

  • Kenan İmirzalıoğlu= Ezel Bayraktar
  • Cansu Dere= Eyşan Atay
  • Yiğit Özşener = Cengiz Atay
  • Barış Falay =Ali Kırgız/Kerpeten Ali
  • Sedef Avcı =Bahar Tezcan
  • Tuncel Kurtiz =Ramiz Karaeski
  • Salih Kalyon =Serdar Tezcan: tatal lui Eysan
  • İpek Bilgin =Meliha Uçar: mama lui Omer
  • Beyazıt Gülercan =Mümtaz Uçar: tatal lui Omer
  • Kemal Uçar (Mert Uçar: fratele lui Omer
  • Bade İşçil =Şebnem Sertuna
  • Güray Kip =Kamil Çamlıca
  • Sarp Akkaya =Tefo/Tevflik
  • Utku Barış Serma =Can Atay
  • İsmail Filiz =Ömer Uçar


EZEL: episodul 2

9 ianuarie 2011 Scrie un comentariu

Am fost surprinsa sa observ ca cele mai accesate postari ale blogului sunt directionate catre articolele Ezel.
De ce are priza asa de mare acest serial la publicl? Romanii sunt cuceriti de productiile turcesti de orice fel, Ezel facand nota discordanta, cucerindu-i si pe cei carora pana acum le displaceau productiile din aceasta tara.

Eu una sunt cucerita de replici! Am mai mentionat asta, si asa  cum am promis, acum revin cu dialoguri selectate din episodul 2.Faptul ca articolele sunt vizitate, ma incurajeaza sa continui proiectul inceput:


***“Have you ever done anything that is scared and unforgiving? I did, I did a worse, I know it. One day this bad one will return to me.I know, at the end the most person who will get the punishments from what we have done are the ones we love….”

***“You know… once fathers gives their hands to their daughters, their daughters will follow them until HELL!”

***“Look, don’t cry. From now on everything will be beautiful! It will be just me and you! f! We will get in the car and we are there! From now on we wont look after anyone! Look those eyes you have! look I am writing it on here, while you have those eyes you can convince (cheat) on everyone!….”

***“I am Eysan. Can you help me? me and my father are going to Izmer, my sister is sick. We are taking to the hospital there. on the way there the car\us tire exploded, my father is old and now its raining. I am sick and tired of all of  this…”

***“My father had one thing in life that he knew very well! My father knew how to convince people and use their trust! He knew how to use human trust! My father knew very well how to burn one feelings! My father knew how to make human quite like animals!  and I went down with him this way!”

***“Tell me what is Read more…


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